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RozayDesigns is the business platform for the creativity and passion that Brandon Rose exhibits in all of his work for his clients. Each work of art is specifically tailored to fit the needs and interests of your project and is completed following a thoughtful and innovative approach to understanding your business or personal goals.

From Tarzan to Geek Squad

..well, sort of. Brandon's artistic career started when he was younger. Growing up acquainted with a zookeeper, his dad took him to Grant's Farm where he got to wrestle baby bear and tiger cubs. The experience was so powerful that the next day Brandon drew a picture of a bear and instantly recognized it as a satisfactory replica of the real thing. With that, a legend was born; or at least a very talented and dedicated graphic designer.

If you want someone who's gone to the tigers den and come out unscathed working on your project, then Brandon is the right expert for you. He's committed to helping you accomplish your goals.

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Freebyrd Custom Logo|Illustrator|2012

freebyrd website freebyrd website

Freebyrd Custom Website|Dreamweaver/Photoshop|2012

freebyrd shirt

Freebyrd Custom T-shirt|Illustrator|2012

freebyrd business card

Freebyrd Custom Business Card|Handmade|2012

freebyrd poster

Freebyrd Custom Poster|Photoshop|2013

gruhlkes beer gruhlkes light black lager missouri wheat chubby stout done did it dortmunder nates tripel naughty ale gruhlkes beer

Bias Winery/Gruhlke's Microbrewery|Beer Labels|Illustrator|2012

music brochure music brochure music brochure music brochure

East Central College Concert Season Brochure|Photoshop|2012

kanye cd wiz

Kanye West & Wiz Khalifa cd cover|Illustrator|2011

Campus View Entertainment Logo|Illustrator|2013

Lebron Poster

Lebron James Poster|Photoshop|2012

DJC4 Poster

DJ C4 Poster|Photoshop|2012


Ed- Freebyrd Custom

"Brandons talent, dedication, and passion is unmatched. He will do whatever is possible to improve the aesthetics of your company as well as his artistic abilities."

Patrick Diamitani- CampusView Entertainment

"I was referred to Brandon by a mutual friend after deciding to embark on a second business project. As soon as I asked him for a logo design, he was upfront with me about how the logo would appear in different types of mediums and made sure he fully understood what I wanted to accomplish not just with my logo, but with my goals for the company as well. He then went on to suggest improvements that ultimately improved my brand as a whole. He was not only a great service provider, but seems to be a great friend, resource and partner for the years ahead. His passion, enthusiasm and excellence is something that has had a great impact on my project and I truly recommend that you utilize his services for any endeavor that you have."

Kirk Grass- Bias Winery|Gruhlke's Microbrewery

"Brandon design the labels for our microbrewery. He knew the look and feel we wanted and nailed the execution of them. He is a great artist and I recommended his services."